At a Glance

General Investment Breakdown

Key Expenses Low High
Single Unit Franchise Fee
Reduced to $25,000 for second & $20,000 for third unit when committed together.
$30,000 $30,000
Construction, leasehold improvements $143,300 $203,900
Equipment $4,800 $5,500
Signage $4,300 $5,300
Computer/Software/POS Systems $4,000 $4,400
3-months working capital $14,564 $28,353
TOTAL INVESTMENT* $231,314 $355,353
*Full Investment details can be found in item 7 of the current FDD

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the startup costs for franchisees?

A. Your investment as a Pureflo franchisee can range from $241,314 to $355,352, which includes the $30,000 initial franchise fee. The remaining estimated costs include building out your Pureflo Yoga studio, third-party advisory fees, insurance, and three months of working capital.

Q. How soon can I open?

A. This depends on how quickly you find a location. You may lease property in a variety of storefront or free-standing spaces available in your market. But don’t worry, we’ll help you evaluate real estate and offer step-by-step guidance as you build out your Pureflo Yoga studio. Once your lease is signed, you should be able to open in as little as 3 to 4 months.

Q. Do I have to be an owner-operator?

A. No, but we’re happy to train you to be a certified Pureflo instructor.

Q. Can I own more than one studio?

A. Yes! Our business model makes it possible to operate multiple studios.

Q. How many employees will I need?

A. If you’re an owner-operator, and licensed studio director, 8 to 12 instructors will round out your team.

Q. How much revenue can I bring in?

A. We’ll share our Financial Performance Representation, called an “Item 19” in our Franchise Disclosure Document, which highlights affiliate performance and history. This will be a useful tool in evaluating your revenue potential.


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